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Every day, thousands of International traders, brokers, and agents worldwide desperately try to source legitimate products and leads.
The problem is, the vast majority will waste their time, end up with rubbish deals and scams.


Because they don’t know the safe, secure, time-tested methods of due diligence and product sourcing to get authentic real products and leads.

Imagine what it would be like if you could source legitimate real and profitable International trade and investment opportunities.

What if you could cut through all of the rubbish fake deals, faster easier and safer than ever before, without the risk of getting scammed? Wouldn’t that feel wonderful?

Just think, if you could learn the proper procedures and trade secrets, you too could trade safely, while avoiding the frustration and agony of losing money on scams and fraud.

FACT #1: It’s not your fault!

Government Studies Show, Over $10,000,000 Is Stolen From Businessmen, Investors And Traders By Fraudsters. Every Week. Even Though Many Victims were Business Savvy and Experienced Professionals. They Still Got Scammed.

FACT #2: Trade fraud affects many professional traders worldwide.

A Group of Bulgaria’s Most Experienced and Wealthy Investors Were Actually Tricked Into An International Sugar Letter of Credit Fraud, Losing Millions, In Spite of Decades of Experience!


Dear International Entrepreneur.

Have you ever been scammed, cheated out of your hard earned money and time, by a ‘Joker Broker’ or scammer? I know I have. It was frustrating. It hurt emotionally as well as financially.

Every day, the the Internet is full of stories of enthusiastic and motivated independent trade intermediaries; agents and brokers, who got burned and scammed on import export, international trade, or private placement investment program deals gone wrong.

Everything at first looks so hopeful, and then just like that, it all vanishes and you’re left reeling from a scam. International business fraud affects thousands of intelligent professionals every day. There are countless stories of unhappy importers exporters or brokers paid money and lost it, whose performance bond, letter of credit (DLC), bank guarantee, or TT wire transfer was stolen, or they didn’t receive their products, or received shoddy defective products.

And they have no one to help them.

Success lies in the right knowledge and information. That is why I wrote an ultimate guide for the intermediary, traders agents and brokers like you, on the time-tested ways of detecting fraud, sourcing legitimate and safe trade deals and leads, and trading safely without fraud or getting scammed.

This Is The Guide; it is for the intermediary broker or agent, trader, or investor who is interested in International Business opportunities. In a few minutes you will be able to learn the safe, proper, time-tested procedures known and used by trade insiders in the know. These simple secrets will let you find viable international trade leads and deals, while avoiding fraud and payment risks.

You will learn insider procedures and trade secrets, insider procedures that no “BCL/MFPA/FCO” Broker Course will teach you.

These are some of the things you will learn:

  • How To Properly and Safely Conduct Due Diligence On Any International Opportunity?
  • How To Verify The Authenticity Of Banking Shipping and Insurance Documents Provided By Partners and Buyers?
  • How To Instantly Recognize Almost Any Scam Opportunity?
  • How To Instantly Identify Reputable Opportunities Worth Your Time?

Do you want to save money now, avoid embarrassment and frustration, and make more money in the Future? My guide and manual will show you how.

In this guide you will learn how:

  • To tell legitimate well sourced products and deals from frauds.
  • To know the signs of a real trade lead, and the signs of fake leads, and how to avoid the fake ones.
  • You will learn and understand the procedures needed to close legit deals, without losing money or time.

I spent years studying, learning, and testing the procedures in this guide, and in a few minutes you also will benefit from them, and learn the correct procedures and rules to avoid all time-wasting frauds and fake deals, while finding out solid and tested ways to source real deals.
If you do not know the correct procedures then you will become a victim to every lying, cheating, or sincerely uninformed broker and trader, out there peddling MFPA based scams and Private Platform joker brokers.

So you have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Do you want the kind of Due Diligence and Fraud Prevention Secrets, Tips, and Procedures found almost nowhere else, that take years of experience to master?

I Share The Secrets In “NO MORE SCAMS: Due Diligence, International Fraud and Joker Brokers”

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How To Conduct Due Diligence On Every International Business Opportunity
  • How To Verify The Authenticity Of Due Diligence Documents Provided To You
  • How To Instantly Recognise A Scam Opportunity
  • How To Immediately Identify A Reputable Opportunity Worth Investing In

Not only that but you will also learn:

  • Detailed Step-By-Step Procedures For Conducting International Business Deals
  • Easy To Follow Methods For Analysing The Mechanisms Of Fraud & Scams

Today you can instantly download this guide for the investment of just Previously $24.93, but for a short time, only $19 This small investment is Risk Free when you order today, because at any time in the next 30 Days you are not satisfied with the knowledge I share in this book, you can request a 100% Refund. In other words, you have everything to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose. Learn more, by clicking the link below.

There really is a Global Underground Network – of Joker Brokers. All of them will steal your time and money. Either by knowing fraud, or by themselves innocently being suckered in by other scam artists’ frauds –

However, there is also a vast, quite real, and legitimate Global market and network of well informed trade and professionals and deals.

There is only one way, the only way, that you have a chance of getting in on these deals, and closing them. That is by learning the right procedures.

You can instantly download it today for only Previously $24.93, but for a short time, only $19

The NO MORE SCAMS Risk Free Trial

Your investment in this knowledge is risk free when you order today, because if you are not satisfied with the knowledge I share in this book at any time in the next 30 Days, you can request a 100% Refund. Get started today by clicking the link below:

Here’s a sneak peak of the index page of the book so you can see some of what you will be discovering:

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Who am I?

I must admit something to you right now… for many years I had no clue how to find and source products and Import Export deals. However, for the last 11 years:

  • I sought the confidential training and advice of some of the most successful International Traders, Investors & Businessmen. I had the honour of serving as a well-trained agent to the most experienced trader and Intermediary in the world today, Davide A. Papa.
  • I asked question after question, tapping into little known secrets to uncovering frauds and scams.
  • I purposefully partially entered into transactions with known fraudsters to extract full knowledge of their internal processes.

Simply put, for the last 11 years I was obsessed with discovering the exact mindset, information and tools needed to know to ensure every single International Business opportunity you enter into produces a positive return.

Why? Well, my story is simple, in 2005 some friends of mine working in the Middle East were exposed to some legitimate international buyers. I was doing contract work for a scrap-metal and demolition entrepreneur who was interested in selling a large amount of Heavy Melt Steel and Copper that he had just cut from a factory.

I tried as hard as I could to put both sides together but they were unable to make anything happen because no one knew the actual procedures needed. Both sides trusted me completely, but putting them together was impossible. I wasn’t even looking for a commission at that time, just trying to help out both side as a favor.

Frustrated I went to the Internet, researched things, and came away more confused than before. My friends kept hounding me with deal after deal that seemed to fall in their lap, but they were unable to close them. In fact a lot of money was lost, simply stolen by lying thieves who ripped my friends off. Then I grew fascinated by the challenge of finally closing a real deal, but just got fed up with the scams.

I became sick and tired of constant dead end leads. But then I stumbled on the world’s most knowledgeable intermediary trader, who taught me the real, time-proven, and fool-proof procedures and methods: the very same ones used by the world’s biggest Corporate trading house, international bankers, and the world’s top mandates and intermediaries.

  • He showed me the fool-proof tell-tale signs of fake leads and deals.
  • He showed me how to directly source my own products from Corporate manufacturers and suppliers.
  • He showed me the tricks and traps of joker brokers.
  • He showed me not only why every deal using Internet Broker style MFPA, BCL, NCND, and FCO procedures fails, but what the real industry standard forms, documents, and trade secret procedures are to source real products, buyers, and deals – and close them.

What he taught me, I practised, and it worked for me. It worked for other traders I helped. After some time I realized there was a specific need for people not only to learn safe correct trading procedures, but especially how to actually find legitimate leads and deals, and weed out fake ones.

Because of this I wrote a guide, and in this guide I distilled this knowledge and my own personal experience into a practical and handy guide that can be easily used by anyone interested in international trade deals. It is called NO MORE SCAMS.

It is an easily downloadable pdf eBook that will show you all of this and more. It will help you trade freely, without fear of fraud and getting scammed.

If you learn and practice the advice in this guide, you will have the keys needed to pursue the business and financial life you seek.

Imagine yourself finally taking control of your trading, today. Read NO MORE SCAMS, and implement its common sense, easy to understand, trade secrets and procedures. You can get these Insider Procedures today by clicking the link below.

Do You Want a detailed, step-by-step guide to finding reliable & authentic trade and investment opportunities, suppliers and products?

Whether you are an experienced businessmen, investor or trader or whether you are a new entrepreneur searching for opportunity you need to know how to spot a scam or a fraud.


Look, here is the reality. It is like this:

Every single day experienced and new entrepreneurs are getting caught up in illegitimate business opportunities costing millions of dollars. Right now I want to equip you with the knowledge on how to:

  • Find Reliable & Profitable Business Opportunities
  • Locate Reputable Suppliers Who Can Deliver On Their Promises
  • Source Authentic Products
  • Conduct Detailed Analysis Business Opportunities
  • Instantly Recognize A Scam Or Fraud


In fact, this is just a small slice of the knowledge I want to provide you with; my ultimate goal is to ensure you never enter into a transaction with a scammer or fraudster ever again.

Almost everybody who has ever done business Internationally would have been scammed before, in fact governments even get taken advantage of…

…So it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you just need to take the logical step of educating yourself before investing.

I should know, because I have been the subject of scams and fraud before, that’s one of the main reasons why I built this site. I wanted to share with you my experience, my knowledge, my research and the system I use to spot scams immediately.

To ensure that I was providing you with the right up-to-date current advice, right now, I actually partially entered into transactions with fraudsters. I wanted to see the inner workings of their scams, I wanted to see the tactics they were using and I wanted to beat them at their own game.

This is not just theoretical advice; these are time tested Proven Strategies I have used for over 11 years.

You see, I have extensive experience in analyzing international business deals.


One of the very first deals I ever worked on was brokering a partnership between a USA company and a Saudi Company but it fell through, as I just didn’t have the experience I now have.


As a result of this failed deal I threw myself into research, training and even invested significant amounts of money to be personally mentored by Australia’s Number 1 Import And Export Expert.

Combining his expertise with my personal experience I was able to identify scams and frauds with little effort. Now I want to equip you with the tools and resources you need to duplicate my personal success.


Imagine Living The Life A Successful International Business Broker


What if you were able to successfully source authentic deals, and not waste time and money chasing scams and illusions?

  • Imagine, sourcing authentic products from real providers and manufacturers – or finding real manufacturers to fabricate your own branded products to import – all safely.
  • Imagine: Entering into transactions with only people who are reliable, trustworthy and can deliver.

Does this sounds like a dream? It is a reality for some people who know and understand the procedures you are about to learn in this guide. Today, I want to invite you to start living this reality.
By learning the exact information in this guide you will save money now and make more money in the future.

This is a detailed, step-by-step guide to finding reliable & authentic opportunities, suppliers and products. Nothing similar has ever been compiled. You could search the net for years looking for bits and pieces of the information I’ve gathered for you, broken down in an easy to understand way, and even after years of experience wading through scams, broken deals, and empty promises you still won’t have this kind of information.


This guide is not only based on my personal experiences, but also those of Australia’s leading Import Export expert, and contains analysis of some of the most infamous Trade Frauds to show you all of the signs of a deal to avoid, and a deal to jump on!


This is a valuable digital eBook on how to conduct the time-tested and Insider known due diligence procedures needed to successfully conduct and complete International Business transactions without fraud.

Any entrepreneur, business owner or employee wishing to engage in international business needs to read this book.

Without reading this book it’s quite possible you will waste time and lose money!
I am 100% confident that NO MORE SCAMS will instantly equip you with the tools and resources you need to successfully profit from international business opportunities that I am willing to give you a Risk Free trial. Just follow these 3 simple steps to start your Risk Free trial today:


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Best wishes, and happy trading.